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Advertisements[Definicje podstawowych poj zwizanych ze wiatem reklamy]65 Kb
Face[znaki szczeglne - by Magdalena Wrona, maj 2012]220 Kb
Animals[zwierzta]58 Kb
Animal sounds[Some animals and the sounds they make]40 Kb
Art[throughout the years]44 Kb
Asking the Way[Dialogues with basic vocabulary for asking the way]74 Kb
Birth*Marriage*Death[Vocabulary connected with the three most important moments in life]46 Kb
Body[Parts of the human body in detail]80 Kb
Build[for advanced students]55 Kb
Character and personality[for advanced students]85 Kb
Clothes in pictures[(Adapted from Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English)]381 Kb
Clothes[Clothes, patterns, jewellery etc]46 Kb
Computers[ICT basics]73 Kb
Cooking[Kitchen utensils, activities connected with cooking]41 Kb
Cosmic space[English to English vocabulary connected with space exploration]81 Kb
Crafts[Craftsmen]30 Kb
Crimes and offences[zbrodnie i wykroczenia]61 Kb
Description of people[Looks and appearance of people]50 Kb
Disasters[natural and man-made disasters]49 Kb
ENVIRONMENT[Reasons, results and solutions to the problems of the destruction of the natural environment]58 Kb
Faith[Words connected with worship and religion]34 Kb
Family tree[Relatives and relations]28 Kb
Fidgeting[English to English vocabulary connected with uncontrolled movements of the body]61 Kb
Flights*Planes*Travelling[Travelling by air]57 Kb
Food 2[Desserts, seasonings, fruit]36 Kb
Food 1[(meals, soups, beverages, some vegetables etc)]120 Kb
Football/soccer[czyli prawie wszystko, co dotyczy piki nonej]45 Kb
Free Time Activities According to Personality Types[the most popular pastimes]50 Kb
Gadgets, machines, devices[Gadgets, machines, appliances, devices]46 Kb
Geography[Describing Poland - our country]167 Kb
Hair[fryzury damskie i mskie w cigu ycia]54 Kb
History[sownictwo zwizane z histori]42 Kb
Travelling and Tourism [On holiday]75 Kb
Housework[Simple activities around the house]43 Kb
Description of a house/flat[All equipment and rooms in a house/flat]55 Kb
Internet[Basic vocabulary connected with surfing the net]57 Kb
Jaworzno - our town[Describing your town]54 Kb
Jobs[Chosen jobs and some vocabulary for the description of these jobs]50 Kb
Kinds of houses[How people live]45 Kb
Patterns and fabrics[(Adapted from Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English]547 Kb
Kosmos[cosmic space ]28 Kb
Law and punishment[Courts of Justice, lawyers, most common punishments]43 Kb
Books[Kinds and parts of books]57 Kb
Means of transport[How to travel]48 Kb
Money[Ways of payment]66 Kb
Moods[how people feel]84 Kb
Music[music terms and symphony orchestra]107 Kb
Newspaper parts[with small ads section]73 Kb
Newspaper language[Vocabulary needed to understand headlines]66 Kb
Body and diseases[elementary/pre-intermediate]41 Kb
Plant and animal world[Fruit, vegetables, flowers, trees, birds, mammals & others]75 Kb
Politics[sownictwo zwizane z polityk]50 Kb
Position and direction[Prepositions ]57 Kb
Prepositions[Prepositions for describing interiors presented on a table and chair]243 Kb
Good and bad qualities[characteristics]47 Kb
Religions[sownictwo dotyczce religii, p. artyku w dziale Speaking]53 Kb
"See" and its synonyms[Many synonyms to the verb "to see" with their English to English explanantions]64 Kb
Shops and goods[Shops and what you can buy there]59 Kb
Texting Abbrevitions[jzyk sms-w]54 Kb
Social diseases[problemy spoeczne]40 Kb
Theatre[the place inside]309 Kb
Tools[Basic tools presented in pictures]1142 Kb
Television[Kinds of films and TV programmes]67 Kb
Wars[Reasons for wars]48 Kb
Ways of communication[How people communicate]47 Kb
Weather[pogoda]68 Kb
Health[dialogi i sownictwo dotyczce zdrowia]80 Kb