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The Locked Door

No sooner had she woken up than she realized that she was in a big trouble. That small, dark room made her stressed and frightened. Jessica didn?t know what had happened. She wasn?t strong enough to get up but she could make only one move: she could open the door, but it was locked.
In one minute she started to remind Saturday evening events. After the hard week Jessica with her friend had gone to a disco. They were both addicted to alcohol and parties as if those were a paradise for them. Music combined with tequila and good fun made them very sociable. After few minutes the girls started to dance with a group of men who seemed to be very suspicious.
Jessica as a beautiful woman was interesting for Tom who was a member of a British gang. He was said to be catching his victims, girls, and kidnapping them. Jessica didn?t know how dangerous that man was and she agreed for the next drink. If she had watched Tom carefully, he wouldn?t have added that strange powder to her tequila.
Never before had Jessica been in a situation like that. In a dark room, with her sweaty palms she was checking her body but she couldn?t see anything strange. Only some bruises on the legs and hands were made by Tom. She was trying to calm down but suddenly she heard somebody walking at a fast pace and then the door was slowly being opened.

Karolina Jaworska (2009)